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Coctelería Consciente is the first non-profit bartending project focused on inserting sustainability into the DNA of the spirits industry. We dream of a better world and want to be change agents in the process.

Our main goal is to raise awareness about the environment, sustainability, circular economy, wise drinking, healthy habits and social responsibility through cocktails, spirits, and bars.

Created by LO HACEMOS BIEN -leading bar catering company in Argentina- in collaboration with different Foundations and NGOs specialized in sustainability, circular economy, healthy habits and wise drinking.

Our Team

Lucas Groglio, Cocteleria Consciente, Sostenibilidad, Stay True, Bares Conscientes, Eco Bares

Lucas Groglio

Coctelería Consciente Founder

Founder & Managing Director

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Agustina Borre

Agustina Borre

General coordinator

Learning Specialist,Proofreading and Translation of Educational Materials

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ailen Ortiz, Economia Circular, Salto Lab, Gestion de Residuos, reciclables, compostable, Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation

Ailén Ortiz

Environmental Impact Specialist

Circular Economy Consultant,
Prevention & Waste Management 

Patagonia, Argentina

Pamela Pesce

Pamela Pesce

Graphic Design & Social Media

Graphic Design & Socia Media Manager

Chivilcoy, Argentina

Tatiana Baigorria, Sistema B, Temple Bar, BiMedia, Mayma

Tatiana Baigorria

Positive Impact Specialist

Social Impact
& Circular Economy Consultant

Bariloche, Rio Negro

Vanesa Piccardi, Maison Pic, Anne Sophie Pic, Michellin Star, Francia, 50 Best Bars, 878, Anchoita, Floreria Atlantico, Gran Bar Danzon, Chila

Vanesa Piccardi

Head Sommelier + Beverage R&D 

Beverage Development, Training and Educational Materials 

Provence, France

Alejandro Alayon, Creps Al Born,  Barcelona, España, 50 Best Bars

Alejandro Alayon

Specialist in Sustainability in Bars


Environmental Awareness and Educator for Bars & Restaurants

Barcelona, Spain

Mayra Coluccio, Huella de Carbono, Huella Hidrica, impacto ambiental

Mayra Coluccio

Environmental Impact Specialist

Carbon and Water 

Footprint Consultant

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ariel Mesch, Energia Renovable, Eficiencia Energetica

Ariel Mesch

Energy Specialist

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Consultant

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sergio Martinez, Leon, Mexico, We Are bartenders, Torres Brandy Zero Challenge

Sergio Martinez

Specialist in Sustainability in Bars


Environmental Awareness and Educator for Bars & Restaurants

León, México


In 2013, from LO HACEMOS BIEN -leading bar catering company- we began to carry out the beverage operation for festivals such as Bocas Abiertas, Feria Masticar, Yelp Food Festival, Buenos Aires Market, Creamfields, etcetera.

Being used to working in social and corporate events for less than one thousand guests and moving to over 100k guests in each festival drastically changed the amount of resources involved and the environmental impact of each operation.


We then understood the importance of being aware of the impact we generate, measure it and reduce it. Together with a NGO specialized in sustainability and circular economy, we turned this challenge into an opportunity, creating a project that allows us to raise awareness and educate the community on sustainable practices through cocktails, beverages and bars.

In 2017 we were awarded a Sustainable Spirit Award by Tales of the Cocktail for our work spreading the conversation between cocktails and sustainability.


We inspire those who -like us- dream of a better world.

  • Academy: Through seminars and workshops addressed to companies, beverage brands, bars, festivals, restaurants, hotels and the general public we raise awareness on the environment, sustainability, circular economy, healthy habits, wise drinking and social responsibility. We also design custom-made Master Clasess for each project

  • Bar Takeovers: we take over the best bars, hotels and restaurants in the world for a whole night to raise awareness, educate and toast for a better future.

  • Pop-Up Bars: We offer the first bar catering service for social and corporate events, fairs and festivals 100% responsible for its impact on the community and the environment.

  • Consultancy: We provide custom-made consultancy for brands, bars, restaurants, fairs, festivales, events and hotels focused on sustainability, conscious cocktails, healthy habits, wise drinking, carbon footprint, compost and recycling.


  • Workshops: together with NGOs and local foundations we design seminars and workshops to provide quality education to people in vulnerable situations and inspire them to embark on a new career within the cocktails and spirits industry.

  • On Tour: we travel the world to keep learning, sharing and inspiring others to make this a more sustainable industry.


In Coctelería Consciente we offer ready-to-wear solutions with a positive impact on the community and working together with companies, bars, restaurants and consumers who share our vision:


Buy Local: We love working with local brands, entrepreneurs and NGOs to showcase their products and visions through our platform, potentiating local economies and creating a meaningful and lasting positive impact in their communities.

Good Practices: Working in every location as if it was our own hometown. Taking care of the carbon footprint of the events and making sure we can recover every material to be reused, recycled or composted with the help of local partners.

Efficient Use of Resources: We work with the ingredients already available at the kitchen, bar or hotel we are working with to minimize the carbon footprint of the event and taking the most of every resource we have at each moment. 

Teamwork: We believe that teamwork is what makes the dream work. We offer trainings on sustainable practices for bar teams and other actors of the industry who share a common vision and work together towards the sustainable development of the industry.


We are based in Argentina and actively work in Latin America and the United States to share our message through different communities.

In 2018 we took on the challenge of visiting over 10 cities in Europe and America with our seminars and bar takeovers. 


Based on the concept of the 4Rs -rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle- we have launched a wide range of sustainable initiatives that help reduce our impact on the environment and improve our impact on communities.

We start by rethinking the ingredients we use in our cocktails according to the season to make a  better use of the fruits, herbs and vegetables and/or reusing the same ingredient multiple times, extending their useful life and making the most of them. Likewise, we rethink the materials we choose to use, from our bars made of recycled wood, our Eco Cups and the empty bottles that we reuse instead of recycle.

Rethinking also means asking ourselves how much do we know about the brands we choose or the ingredients we use in our cocktails and decide to work with those who bet on sustainable initiatives in their production, promotion and distribution.

We also rethink the use of straws and the damage they cause to our ecosystem. That’s why we recreated classic cocktails without straws, or -wherever they are really necessary- we replace them with biodegradable edible straws made of candy. You can choose to eat it while enjoying your cocktail or let it dissolve inside the glass, since it will not alter the taste of the drink. In this way we are able to reduce the amount of straws used.

Proper waste management by recycling and composting is also a key element in turning a bar green. 

However, the most important of all our initiatives is taking care of working teams. This involves making sure they access a conscious and nutritious diet, together with good rest and activities that help them relax their minds and bodies like yoga, meditation and sports.


By raising awareness and educating, we are capable of creating a positive impact on the consumer. Our bar catering service for events is carefully designed so that each guest understand what Coctelería Consciente stands for, why it is important to focus on these issues and what they can do to drink more consciously, looking after their health, the community and the environment.

We promote responsible drinking, that is to say, the one that takes into consideration the impact of the products and services used throughout as well as the impact alcohol generates in consumers’ health.


That is why we always keep our guests hydrated with non-alcoholic options and suggesting they drink one cup of water after each cocktail, we ask them if they have already eaten before they start drinking, and we ask them how they got to the event and how they are planning to leave: if they came by car, we kindly recommend them to drink non-alcoholic cocktails or leave their car parked and take a taxi or uber home. To us, the wellbeing of our guests is what matters most. That’s why when they leave the event we give them a reusable bottle with water to keep hydrated in their way home and get a good rest.


Also, our menus are seasonal and include low-ABV, spirit-free, and non-alcoholic cocktails, with gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan-friendly options.


Before they leave the event, we advise our guests on habits they can take on at home to become more sustainable and we give them a handmade plantable coaster made of recycled paper with aromatic seeds inside, so they can plant it, watch it grow and then replicate the recipe the tasted in our bar.

All our bars, eco cups, edible straws and coasters contain information that helps to raise awareness on the consumer during the entire experience.


Being a non-profit project, our funding depends solely on the support and generosity of the cocktails and spirits industry, brands and general audience. That’s why we invite you to join us with a one-time donation or subscribe to a monthly donation to help us keep researching, developing and sharing the project.


You can also contribute by sharing and liking our Facebook and Instagram pages, and learn about our next initiatives and presentations on our website.

If you are an entrepreneur or part of a NGO, foundation, brand or company contact us at to join the project. We love hearing new ideas!

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